• cafephilo-150x150Café-philoTM

True space for reflecting and dialogue, we invite you to provide your opinions on types of philosophical subjects such as: What difference exists between love and friendship? The body and mind: the same entity? What is beauty? …


  • theatreTheatre

This introduction to theatre will allow you to develop your expressiveness, imagination, and trust. These small fun little exercises in groups will teach you stage secrets.


  • atelier_ecriture_montreal-1-432x432Writing

Tell us what excites you by sharing your ideas or memories. In an instant, live rich dialogues that are nourished by each discussion. Every writing workshop leads to a book publication or performance of a theatrical piece!


  • atelier-bricolageCreative arts

Introduction to entertaining, creative, new, and surprising creative artistic techniques is exciting. Lets us take a pause and free your creative minds. Let us tempt you with our lively workshops offered by designers, fashion designers, and fans.


  • tricotatelier-434x284Knitting

This workshop makes you discover knitting as an anti-stress activity that you can work on at your own pace.



  • origami-150x150Origami

Learn to make animals, objects, and decorations with a sheet of square paper without any glue or scissors! The variety of creations, from the simplest to the most complex, will stimulate your artistic and inventive talents.


  • Improvisation

This workshop invites you to free the actor in you. Humour, divide and let go to this program!