• zootherapieZootherapy

You are invited to get acquaintance with animals, manipulate them, understand how to work with each animal based on the physical, cognitive, or emotional characteristics of each.


  • musicotherapieMusic therapy

This workshop aims to use music as supportive tool to restore and ameliorate the social, mental and physical capacities of a person.


  • heureduconte-150x150Storytelling

From The Little Mermaid to The Cricket and the Ant, you will rediscover the stories of the famous authors while alternating between musical intervals of talented Quebecois storytellers.


  • clownClown

Call our clown services to alleviate sadness or tensions due to illness or isolation.



  • troubadourTroubadour

Thanks to his/her music and acting abilities, a troubadour passes through each room to cheer up residents.



  • danse-therapeutique-2Danse /movement therapy

Participants work creatively through different exercises and collaborative team effort. In this group meeting, you will heighten your sense of interpretation, improvisation, memory, and communication.


  • art-therapieArt therapy

Art therapy is a human science discipline which expands psychotherapy to encompass verbal, expression, and reflections.