• tablette_personneagee-150x150Computer courses

Learning computer skills, upgrading software, or simply using a tablet should no longer be a mystery to you.
Do not allow yourself to be left behind due to technological advances!



  • cours-langue-aineLanguage courses

Learning a new language is an everyday job. We offer you lessons adapted to your needs whether you are a beginner, looking to improve, or become expert.



  • chorale_eledry_montrealSinging and choir lessons

This workshop allows you to improve on your listening skills, vocal production, and singing many vocal notes from a musical instruction book.



  • danse-en-ligneOnline dancing

Residents are introduced to a full activity that incorporates physical exercise, intellectual stimulation, and good mood!



  • zumbaZumba

Stimulate your physical form! You will work on your balance, cardio, and improve your ability to remain in an upright position.



  • musclez_meninges_montreal-1-833x540Exercise your brain!TM

Based on observation exercises, concentration, and memory, this activity aims to slow down ageing of certain intellectual abilities. This method offers a certain number of tricks to reassure you and make you confident in yourself again.