• cleaninglady-150x150Housekeeping services

Be it for thorough seasonal cleaning or daily cleaning, contact our experts who will relieve you of your household chores.



  • petitstravaux-320x320Home repair & handyman services

Loosing time with odd jobs while trying to improve the interior of your home? A piece of furniture to assemble, a room to paint, a leakage to repair, or some windows to clean? Our handymen are here for you.


  • reparationelectro-320x320Home appliance repair services

Is your dryer not working? Is your dishwasher clogged? Contact our professionals.



  • surmesure-600x600Concierge services

Urgently need to find an electrician or plumber? Urgently need to manage your Airbnb home while you are away? We offer different daily services to meet these needs.


  • jardinage_montreal-320x320Gardening

Don’t have the time or the ability to tend to your garden? We can help you with hedge trimming, shrub pruning, weeding, watering, collection of dead leaves, and so much more.