Tasting conferences for public!
Duration: 1h30

  • Dégustation bièreBeer

Did you know that beer is the first food cooked by history and that it has existed for more than 10,000 years? From agricultural revolution to monasteries while passing through ancient Egypt, discover the wonderful history of this nectar by savouring it.



  • chocolat_etude_montrealChocolate

This conference introduces you to the history and chocolate production. You will learn the secrets of chocolate makers and cacao producers. Several chocolate varieties are offered at the tasting.



  • degustacion de vinosWines

Gain knowledge in the science of oenology! This conference gives you the tools to appreciate wines better.




  • fromageCheese

Quebec cheeses have no need to envy their French cousins! The cheese tradition introduced in Canada by New France settlers was improved by English technical innovations long before being enriched by the recent waves of European immigration.


  • mielHoney

The honeybee and its fascinating world is told across history regarding the evolution of apiculture. What would be better than tasting and introducing yourself to the various beehive products? In addition you get to gain knowledge of healing power and how bees create their colonies.


  • erableMaple

From the First Nations till today, local sugar production has always remained dominant. We offer a program where you can see the various sugar extraction techniques into maple transformation.



  • degustattiontheTea

According to Chinese legend, tea would have appeared in year 2737 when its leaves broke loose from a tree and fall the Emperor Shennong’s hot water. Come discover the different tea producers by country and tea families, as well as its range of flavors, and its advantageous health benefits.


  • whiskyWhisky

Teas, perfumes, wines and champagnes, all whiskeys (except single cask) are blends created by master blenders who use different whiskeys to create one whiskey.



  • degustationcafe-150x150Coffee

Nothing could have predestined these small coffee grains for success. However, coffee tasting is an art. Through travel, you will discover that with each different soil, climate, and altitude, each coffee blend has a unique aroma character.



  • Pâtisseriepatisserie

From ancient times till today, discover the history of pastry by savouring a very good selection here.



It is also possible to offer you conferences based on time constraints: contact us if you wish to try any of our products listed here!: contact us ifcontact us if you wish to try any of our products listed here!