Our Management Team

Our daily lives are extremely hectic to the point that we get overwhelmed. Sometimes we just need someone to take off the work load. When I decided to create Genie Services, my aim was to provide a service that would catered to every day needs and desires. At Genie Services, we provide a magical service. Our Genies are here to fulfill your needs and dreams when you are unable to.

Genie Services was created in 2012. At that time, the company offered cleaning, tutoring, and babysitting services. France Brat, one of our clients who became impressed by our services, decided to join our adventure. In 2013, Ms. Brat became my partner.

Through word of mouth, our company developed and expanded its service offerings to a wide range of specific and senior care services. However, it was the arrival of our first employee, Aïcha that allowed the company to rapidly expand its services to include leisure activities for seniors. To provide quality leisure activities, activities can either be original or adapted to offer a variety of amusing and invigorating experience.

In 2015, the company began geographically expanding its leisure services to Quebec.

In January 2016, Emilie joined the team. Since joining the team, Emilie has grown our client base to include the CHSLD. Emilie also works toward offering services that are devoted to clients who have lost their independence.

Pauline joined the team in September 2016. Pauline assists the team by responding to client needs in regard to housekeeping, babysitting, tutoring, etc. Pauline’s addition to the team coincides with us deciding to expand our services further. Now we also offer babysitting services to hotel guests and support services to senior homes.

Our team supervises more than 300 providers. Our office is located on the Plateau and we increasingly aim to satisfying our clients’ needs.

Life is beautiful thanks to Genies!

Catherine Feuillarde